The biggest barriers people with disabilities encounter are other people
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Volunteers are the heart of ReachAble Task Force. They support paid staff to provide comprehensive assistance for disability affected individuals, their families and loved ones. Like our clients, volunteers come from every segment of the community. They share the common bond of providing informative care and counseling for those whose lives have been disabled.

Volunteering with ReachAble requires awareness and sensitivity to disability related issues and unconditional understanding of accessibility guidelines. Although compassion, concern and caring go a long way, some areas require volunteers with specific skills, time commitments and specialized knowledge.

Online volunteering allows for the participation of people who find onsite volunteering difficult or impossible because of time availability, home obligation, transportation difficulties or work schedule. Online volunteering at ReachAble is not meant as a replacement for face-to-face volunteering, and most individuals and organizations don't choose it over onsite service. Online volunteering also is not meant to take away paid positions at ReachAble. Online volunteering at ReachAble is meant to help us build the capacity, as well as to those that ReachAble serves. Online volunteering is just another way for people from various walks of life, all over the world, to connect with each other and be part of the Global Village.

Be an online volunteer spending only few hours a day

If you have access to a computer and the Internet coupled with the right skills then you should consider volunteering online. Your roles as online volunteer can range from giving free legal advice to ReachAble to building effective community campaigns.

Your skills could be a programming knowledge, good writing ability, experience in project management, expertise in law or education or another profession, or simply the time to offer expert advice or answer email for ReachAble. Online volunteering is perfect if you have limited time or no transportation, and also opens up exciting opportunities for disabled volunteers.

Online volunteers undertake a variety of assignments for ReachAble: translations, research, web design, data analysis, database construction, proposal writing, editing articles, online mentoring, publication design, moderating an online discussion group, or any other services that can be done through computer networks.

Be an online volunteer today and help us with your new and additional talent and skills, from a diverse background. Please help us promote our their mission to reach out toa much broader audience.

How volunteers like you can help ReachAble:

  • Project management
  • Design
  • Coordination and facilitation
  • IT development
  • Research
  • Writing, editing and translating
  • Training and coaching
  • Consulting