The biggest barriers people with disabilities encounter are other people
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The universal design

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Table tennis
The universal design is the process wherein, designing products so that they are flexible enough that they can be directly used (without requiring any assistive technologies or they are compatible with the assistive technologies) by people with the widest range of abilities and circumstances as is commercially practical given current materials, technologies, and knowledge.

It is important to note that universal design practices are in fact universal. Almost without exception, features or flexibility added to a product to accommodate individuals with temporarily or permanently reduced abilities in some area have proven to be beneficial to users in general. In many cases, more people without a disability will find features useful than the number of people in the original target audience. In fact, universal design cannot be practiced well unless the needs and abilities of everyone (including those with exception abilities on both ends of the spectrum) are taken into account.
Now, let’s have a look around. Do you really think those fascinating websites are universally designed, your living room, bathroom, kitchen or the whole house? Even you move out with regret, those government buildings, industrial establishments or at least entertainment centers like cinema theatres, parks aren’t either. It’s time to rethink about everything, holding a minimum of 15billion disabled crowd throughout the nation.
Universe includes India too, think about it.