The biggest barriers people with disabilities encounter are other people
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Ageing; A Hindrance To Commuting

We are getting older
Problem: Public Transport System

The reality is even worse than what it seems, so here a few solutions to battle this issue.

Solution Number 1: The senior citizens face a lot of trouble in boarding and getting off the bus, the conductors or drivers are expected to guide them.

Solution Number 2: They can be guided on how to walk and hold inside the bus, so that the senior citizens are prevented from hurting themselves.

Solution Number 3: The bus must stop close to the curb.

Solution Number 4: The transport system must react to the demographic changes and be adapted to the senior citizen’s needs.

Solution Number 5: There should be proper initiatives from governing bodies regarding projects for older persons to understand their needs, wishes, fears and normal handicaps/ disabilities. Read more »

Why should you think about access ?

There are many reasons why you should think about access and how you plan to meet the
requirements of people with disabilities:
• There are around 60 million people with disabilities in India representing a considerable
proportion of your potential audience or customers. Read more »